Public Perspectives & Engagement In Cognitive- Stimulation Action

By March 4, 2019Academic Papers


1) Individual raw data of total participants N=150, of the questionnaire is needed to be hypothetically formulated from the data summary I have presented and inserted in a Microsoft excel file.
To obtain hypothetical raw data used for interpretation and analysis pre- SPSS and to make co relation based on the summary data given by me in Microsoft excel.

2) Chapter I,II,III,(4 slides) of the dissertation.
-To summarize important points for presentation of each chapter of the above in 5 slides

3) Chapter IV (15 slides) of the dissertation.
-To describe/explain of how raw data was used and analysed to formulate SPSS charts, graphs and ESPECIALLY co relation in a step by step interactive narrative way for presentation.
N.B. To cover for all results and findings including tables of graphs/charts and co relations depicted in dissertation.
-To Show how the tables were formulated and explain findings as simple to understand.
-To Present each research results and findings in power point presentation.

4) Chapter V- 1 slide
All information must be accurate and apple to apple like in dissertation

combo order: 20 slides + 1 excel 

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