Race Identities around the world Custom Research Paper

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Essay should include more examples (quotes) from texts, and then argument should be supported by them
Other thing this two paragraphs should be changed:
In the literature, Connor has characterized the Ukrainian identity as one that encourages violence and primitive behavior. This is evident when a member of the Ukrainian colony attacks Jack when he tries to help. Jack serves as a representation of the Canadian identity in this scene. He disarms the man and gives him a lesson on Connor’s ‘the manly art’. In the proceedings, the Ukrainian farmer is told that only a fool loses his temper alongside other words (Connor 216). This incident builds on what Kalman considers the Canadian sense of manhood. He now identifies with the British code of chivalry, which is described as Connor (219) as the ‘subtle something’. Connor develops a sense of mixedness in the Canadian society by offering people, devoid of British origins, the opportunity to embrace and practice British social codes and standards.
Connor has also presented protestant Christianity as the identity of the Canadian nation. He uses the idea of ‘muscular Christianity’ in influencing Kalman’s views on the Canadian identity. The narrative of Jack’s lesson highlights that an individual can gain lessons devoid of the ethnic or religious origins. The idea of muscular Christianity advocates for individuals who can control their aggressive behaviors and can adopt the mutual codes of justice and forgiveness. The lesson given to Kalman and the other Ukrainians served to instill this form of Anglo-Saxon Protestant supremacy in the religious sense. The lessons derive Kalman towards a revolt against a Catholic priest of Polish descent, whose activities are considered against the Canadian identity. Eventually, Kalman embraces the Canadian identity as taught to him. Similarly, he loses his own cultural and ethnic identities. Connor presents these tradeoffs as fundamental for achieving mixed-ness in the highly multicultural country.

Instead can you apply information that you were talking before into race differences in South Africa, and how people struggle there for race identity, good idea to use some literature to support that 

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