Reading response on the topic of rehabilitation

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Assignment Type
Reaction Paper
Course Name
Sociology of Punishment
Assignment Subject
Reading response
Specific Topic Description
reading response on the topic of rehabilitation
Special Instructions
-The reaction paper must be 12 point font,times new roman
-The reaction paper must use ASA for citation (the guide for ASA is on file attachments)
-The reaction paper should consist two parts, a summary section and a reaction section
– Summary Section:
-> Write one or two paragraphs per reading.The paragraphs should summarize the author’s main ideas and arguments by distilling key themes(which is mainly rehabilitation). Please include a separate sub-heading for each reading for easy identification.
->Must synthesize the authors’ main ideas and arguments as well as identifying the key themes(the main theme is rehabilitation) in each reading
-> questions to answer when writing the summary section:
– What is the main problem/issue the author is addressing?
– What is the author’s central claim, argument, or position?
– What are these problems/arguments important/interesting?
– What are the strengths/weaknesses of the text?
– What are some possible counterarguments to the author’s claims?
-> Write a Introductory paragraph – identify what is the key theme/concept/terminology that ties the readings together, and identify the central argument for the paper (put it after the summary section)
-> Overall the summary section(that includes the introductory paragraph) should be overall 1-2 pages
-Reaction section:
-> Bring each reading together by assessing how they relate to one another
->Situate the readings into broader the theme which is rehabilitation
-> The readings need to form a central argument, which is the thesis for the paper,it should be critical and distinct.
->Ideas on how to form the central argument for the paper:
-Arguing how one approach of rehabilitation is stronger than the others OR looking at how ideas of rehabil itation have/have not changed over time and why this is important
->The readings should follow the following format for the reaction section :Argument/topic sentence,evidence,explanation/so what
-> Questions to answer when writing the reaction section:
– How do the readings relate to one another?
– Do the author’s agree?disagree? do they address different aspects of the same issue?
– Do they formulate a problem in different ways?
– In what way( if any) does the information or argument of one reading strengthen or weaken the argument of another?
– Does integrating the claims of two or more authors advance your understanding of the larger issue?
-Formulating the reaction:
-> Use the reading response prompts below:
-Reading Response Prompts:
What is “rehabilitation”? How does the concept of rehabilitation – as well as how rehabilitation is practiced – vary over time, and from place to place? What, if anything, does it mean for a criminal justice system to be focused on rehabilitation? Is rehabilitation an empty shell of rhetoric, or does it have a permanent and universal meaning? If so, what? How, and in what ways, can talk of rehabilitation function as convenient cover for punitive practices?
->Identify strengths and weaknesses of the texts individually and as a whole
->Consider both sides of the issue ( which side is more persuasive and why)
->If the authors’ are missing something, point it out and state why its significant ( the “so what”)
->Try to give each text equal weight ( make sure the reaction is not focused on one reading, try to have a equal balance on the readings)
-> Overall the reaction section should be 4-5 pages