Reflect on how your lived experience or personal views and moral beliefs Essay

By November 30, 2018Academic Papers

Reflect on your own views and experiences of domestic violence.
The scenario for the reflection is based around the following incident:

A first time mother had just given birth at the hospital in which I work. The following day the father was caught hitting the mother in the face whilst he was holding the brand new baby. He was also caught hitting his mother in law as she tried to intervene and protect the new mother and the baby.

In the reflection include your experiences with family or friends having children or being a parent yourself, the way you were parented as a child, personal views and opinions
It is not necessary for you to have first-hand experience of this issue to complete this reflection. Consider influences such as movies, popular culture, music, news reports, social media, school and childhood experiences, etc.

All of these shape our lived experience.
This reflective piece must refer back to how it affects you in your role as a midwife!!!

Consider how your views and experiences may impact on the women and families you will be caring for as a midwife.

How are you going to ‘unpack’ your own personal views and put them aside to provide woman-centred midwifery care to the women seeking midwifery care?

Your reflection should be guided by an established model of reflective practice and incorporate legal and/or ethical considerations, growing awareness of self as a midwife in relation to the woman and her baby, and the maternity care environment.
You should demonstrate direct links to the AUSTRALIAN NMBA National Competency Standards for the Midwife.

Refer to at least 6 GOOD pieces of evidence to support your arguments including textbooks, peer- reviewed journal articles, and reputable websites and online information.

You need to use/follow the Gibbs model of reflective writing. which i will set out below.

You will need to be explicit in the paper and identify that you are using Gibb’s Model. Structure your assignment with these headings:
1. Description. What happened? Give a concise, factual account (150 words).
2. Feelings. Outline and explore your thoughts and feelings at the time (100 words). 3. Evaluation. What worked well and what didn’t work in the situation? (150 words).


Analysis. Examine the experience in depth. Critical reflection begins with reconstructing the experience beyond the personal, to also examine the historical and social factors that structure a situation. Start to theorise the causes and consequences of your actions. Use references such as research (recent studies are best), policy documents (from relevant bodies) or theory (from academic sources) to support your analysis. At this point you might try to identify an overarching issue, or key aspect of the experience that affected it profoundly for example, “communication” or “time” (550 words).

5. Conclusion. Sum up the key things learned through the reflective process, the main factors affecting the situation, and how the incident/event could have better incorporated appropriate legal and ethical considerations (100 words).

6. Action plan. A plan of action for the future is devised that would map alternative approaches should this or a similar situation arise in the future. What could you do differently next time to ensure the situation incorporates the legal and ethical considerations midwives must observe when working with vulnerable people/communities (250 words)?

Your introduction should briefly state what the experience was and where it took place, and also state that Gibbs’ model is being used (100 words).

The conclusion should not be a repetition of the Conclusion in stage 5 of the Gibbs model. Instead, briefly address one of the following questions:

I. The value of reflection in identifying your strengths and weaknesses and improving your practice or knowledge.

II. How reflective learning and using a reflective learning model like Gibbs’ model can enhance midwifery practice (100 words).



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