Response Paper #4: Prophets and Prophecy: the Isaiah Stream of Tradition

By December 1, 2018Academic Papers

“Discuss the impact of the fall of Jerusalem and destruction of the First Temple on the thinking of the Isaiah stream of tradition.” Begin by formulating a personal thesis [one idea expressed in the affirmative: no conjunctions, no dependent clauses, no prepositional phrases, no internal punctuation] on how one deals with “wilderness/wasteland” experiences, apart from any reference to Jerusalem or the First Temple; something you plan to teach your kids. You do not have to prove your thesis since you are the authority on what you personally believe. Once what you personally believe is clarified, then from that stance, critique [which means evaluate] two relevant illustrations: 1) one drawn from Eighth-Century Isaiah; and 2) one drawn from Sixth-Century Isaiah. Be sure to contextualize your discussion of Eighth-Century Isaiah to the social and political setting of Ahaz and Hezekiah in Judah; and for Sixth-Century Isaiah to the social and political setting after the fall of Jerusalem and destruction of the Temple in 587 BCE. How do you think the community handled that ancient event?

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