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Health Studies
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Year of study:
Year 3
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HLST 3015
Assignment subject:
3 assignments to complete
Specific topic description:
1) Response paper – 20% – Critically examine course readings, lectures and films. This will require a marrying of course theory and examples from readings. No outside research is required. Will be Page 3 of 16 graded on ability to effectively communicate a clear understanding of material and to critically unpack argumentation. A list of questions will be distributed in advance. Length: 5-7 pages (1250-1750 words). 
2) Annotated bibliography – 15% – Prepare a list of approximately 10 sources for the upcoming research paper, including academic sources (i.e. peer reviewed journal articles or peer reviewed book chapters) and policy-related grey literature. Each source should be described in three to five sentences including the central argument of the piece and how it will contribute to your research paper. 
3) Policy research essay – 35% – Critically examine a pharmaceutical policy challenge related to themes and topics covered in the course. The chosen policy challenge can be Canadian in nature or an international issue can be explored. Data is to be gathered through traditional means (i.e. academic journals), via grey sources (governmental and NGO organizational literature), the media (if applicable) and observation of a related public event (speeches/public lectures, political debates, rallies, etc.) that can be done in-person or over the Internet. The paper should cover the following areas: 1) contextualize the policy “challenge” by discussing the history of the challenge and past approaches to rectify the challenge; 2) provide an overview of current Canadian and other international (where applicable) policy and programming approaches; 3) discuss how you gathered data (traditional and observational) to address the policy challenge; 4) explain the analysis/results of your research; and 5) conclude the paper with an informed critique of current policy which draws upon recommendations from your own research and existing scholarship. Length: 10 pages (approximately 2000 words).
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use as reqd
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