Social Enterpreneurship – Case 4.1 IPODEAC Essay

By January 30, 2019Academic Papers

The case study must be based on the following book (pages 151-169): Text(s): Wei-Skillern, Jane C., Austin, James E., Leonard, Herman B., Stevenson, Howard H. Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector. 1st Edition. Sage Publications 2002. ISBN13: 978-1-412-95137-1 The format for the paper is as follows: Each of The Following Is A Section And Should Be Clearly Annotated As Such: I. Introduction 1. Brief history of the company 2. Statement of Problem(s) or Key Issues and Purpose of the Analysis II. Main Body of the Paper 1. List and discussion of strategic alternatives to address the problems/issues 2. Recommendations based on strategic alternatives presented –state your team’s position and providing supporting details for your position III. Conclusions 1. Short Summary and closing arguments 2. Reference section 3. Support materials for the Company, if applicable. (Research documentation)

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