Social Media Marketing and the birth of Entrainment and Art

By February 28, 2019Academic Papers


A proposal will often include the following sections:
1. Title / Abstract
Social Media Marketing and the birth of entrainment and art ministry in KSA
2. Introduction / Rationale
Brief history pre General Entertainment Authority (historical context how it started) looks in to, Gender segregation, political situation (media ministry), KSA economic in king Abdullah period (2005- 2015), social tribes -female
3. Research Aims and Key questions
Aim: To understand the context and mechanism of creating _new entertainment industry in KSA using Social media marketing (influencers)
It will examination the historical context of each group of the context in which they more embedded in. (youtuber , fashionistas, Artist)
Q1. What is historical context of each group and its context.
Q2. After “General Entertainment Authority” these influencers see as the main drivers for opportunity (for Saudi youth to join in the industry) and what are the main obstacles (political, social, financial, ets)
“Entertainment and culture are two important tributaries to improve
Saudi Arabia’s standard of living over a short period of time.”
– HRH MOHAMMED BIN SALMAN plz look to the website for more info :

Q3. How can prospect entertainment and Art companies in UK penetrate Saudi entertainment market using the same techniques as Saudi youtubers to promote their art?
Q4. What are the opportunities and obstacles for UK entertainment companies to go inside SA.
4. Literature review / review of current research / practice

use your surceases and you can also looking and using my research citation in the same subject and you can satiation myself in the proposal (plz find that attached)
5. Methodology / methods
Virtual ethnography (observation and Interviews)

6. Summary and Conclusions
Explain the aim the methodology, emphasise in the entertainment ….

7. Sources / References / Bibliography
And you can use some of my research papers Sources or References plz find attachment. 

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