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Assessment Tаsk – Essay

Explain the impоrtance оf Psychology and Sociology in having a holistic understanding of a person’s health care experience my choice alcohol misuse, and the addiction cycle
The most important met have met the learning outcomes.
Suggested Guide

Your essay could be based around one to two case studies of an individual you have worked with in practice (current or previous) or a friend or relative you know who has experienced chronic alcohol misuse. You need to apply psychological and sociological theory/literature to the case study to help to understand their circumstances. You also need to examine issues relating to equality and diversity. Suggested Structure

1. Introduction – Define medical and bio-psychosocial models of health and outline. Signpost the assignment. For example, ‘the essay will refer to academic literature in relation to psychological and sociological aspects of chronic alcohol abuse I will apply this knowledge to a case study subject who has experienced this problem. Then briefly define what chronic alcoholism is.

2. Main Body-

a. Introduce, explain psychological literature/ theory. Apply it to the case study
b. Introduce, explain and outline relevant sociological theory and research (for example, health inequalities). Apply it to the case study.
c. Examine any relevant equality and diversity issues, if not referred to in a and b.
d. Reflect on how you are able to contribute to the wellbeing of individuals within your role/work environment as a nurse
3. Conclusion – write a conclusion that explains the relevance of Sociology and Psychology in understanding the needs of an individual with the issue you have outlined
Assessment criteria

All essays that pass will have met the learning outcomes below. However, the mark you are awarded will reflect the following characteristics:

Assessment criteria

All essays that pass will have met the learning outcomes below. However, the mark you are awarded will reflect the following characteristics:

Grades (A1 – A4) will be advanced, thorough and comprehensive in its scope and content. It will demonstrate a firm grasp of sociological and psychological theory relevant to health and social care. The answer will be logical, organised and systematic, covering all the major aspects of the topic and demonstrating a firm grasp holistic health. At the top end of the scale, the essay will show originality and flair and exceed the expectations at this level of study. There will be a clear commitment to (and understanding of) the importance of valuing diversity, culture and religion with particular emphasis on the impact of diversity and varied life and developmental opportunities on the lived experience of individuals and groups. The structure and presentation of the essay will be excellent, and there will be sound evidence of independent study and critical evaluation of a very high standard. There will be a wide and interesting selection and of relevant literature from further afield than the reading list demonstrating evidence of independent research: it will be properly referenced, with a corresponding bibliography that is accurately constructed.

Grades (B1 – B3) will be sound, knowledgeable and accurate, covering most of the major aspects of the topic. There will be good evidence of independent study, demonstrating an understanding of the subject area and a competent grasp of theory. Students will show clear insights and be able to evaluate material. There will be a good grasp of the importance of psychological and sociological theories in Health and Social care. The structure and presentation of the essay will be clear, and there will be solid evidence of background reading and research showing a familiarity with relevant source material and an ability to evaluate it. Referencing will be consistently good, with an accurate bibliography.

Grades (C1 – C3) will be mostly accurate, covering some of the main themes and issues, but not in as much depth and detail as above. There will be evidence of reading, though this may show an over- reliance on the course reading list or introductory textbooks. There will be reference to psychological and sociological theory but with superficial application. Theoretical issues are addressed, but may be somewhat brief. Students will have discussed issues of equality and diversity, and demonstrate a reasonable understanding of this. The structure and presentation of the essay will be adequate, with some key texts referred to showing an awareness of primary sources/material. Referencing should be adequate/satisfactory.