Sociology 210: Race and Ethnicity Custom Essay

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Assignment Type
Research Paper
Course Name
Sociology 210: Race and Ethnicity
Assignment Subject
This is a research paper on income disparity between Aboriginal Canadians compared to the rest of Canada.
Specific Topic Description
Special Instructions
Despite this being a 200 level course, I am a 4th year student and the prof knows that, so I would appreciate if this was taken into consideration. The instructions for the paper are as follows: “You will write a 3-5 page paper on a selected topic from your course text. You will use your text as a starting point and no less than 3 other academic sources for information.” The prof has said that we don’t actually need to start from the textbook or include it as a source, so don’t worry about that.
The topic I would like this paper to be on is: Income disparity between Aboriginal Canadians and the rest of Canadians. This paper should explore what the gap between Aboriginal Canadians and non-Aboriginal Canadians looks like on reserves and off, and the different variables factoring into the issue of income disparity between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians. The variables explored should be: location (Does income disparity vary across urban labour markets and by size, or is the disparity consistent?); education (Education is a contributing factor to income inequality but does not exhaustively explain the disparity between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians, despite stereotypes. Also, it is likely that when young Aboriginal Canadians who live on reserves earn an education, they do not return to their homes on reserves because there are few opportunities for jobs and financial success, meaning that reserves are being drained of their educated, skilled community member s); gender (Are the improvements in educational attainment for Aboriginal women a growing trend, or a deviation from the norm of income disparity for Aboriginal people?); health and the impoverished state that many reserves are in (Is poor health on reserves a contributing cause to income disparity or does income disparity on reserves cause poor health?). Potential solutions should then be explored. One solution is assimilationist policy (what it is and what is potentially reasonable about it. However, include that assimilationist policy does not reconcile the long, destructive history of colonialism that Aboriginal Canadians have faced). The solution presented next should be localizing institutional development, capacity-building, governance and accountability, and decision-making authority (from the “The Income Gap Between Aboriginal Peoples and the Rest of Canada” report). Discuss how influential Aboriginal people are to the Canadian economy, and how much they could con tribute if resources and opportunities were equitable. Also discuss the efforts of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”While the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is a key milestone with immense symbolic importance, it will have no lasting effect unless we provide the economic tools that our communities need to fully participate in the Canadian economy” ( While important steps are being taken to support the socio-economic success of Canada’s Aboriginal people, Canada has a long road of hard work and new policy-making and implementation ahead, and these changes need to make opportunities and resources equitable.
Here are sources which may be quite useful. Additional sources may be required as well. The ones I think are most important to use from this list have asterisks next to them (**). (if this link doesn’t work, it is really easy to find online. The report is called “The Income Gap Between Aboriginal Peoples and the Rest of Canada” by Daniel Wilson and David MacDonald) **
Thank you! Please email me if you have any questions.