Some Key Considerations in Preparing MSc Projects

Some Key Considerations in Preparing MSc Projects

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Key Considerations in Preparing MSc Projects


Academic Writing Style

Does the project plan submitted with a proper Project report style (use the WMG Project Style Template)?

Is there any reference list provided along the report?

Is the academic writing style (third person writing with reference citations) applied for project writing?

Are the concepts logically organized with academic writing style?

Are there any transition between chapters, paragraphs and concepts?


Objectives & Declaration

Does the introduced problem related to a practice, decision or challenge commonly found in a particular industry?

Do the objectives suggested investigation on a specific concept in relation to the study of PROJECT MANAGEMENT/ INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT?


Literature Review

Are the theories and concepts reported relevant to the study at a master degree level?

Can the student present the literature that both support and oppose to his/her stated position?

Has the review taken into account of the strengths and weaknesses of the previous work?

Has it taken into account both the current and classical reference?

Does the literature review cover both broad and focused literature?

Are there any comparisons and contrast on the material under investigation?

Are there any particular theory or model that could possibly provide a framework for the study?

Is there any idea of conceptual framework that could be relevant to the proposed topic?

Would the theories involved be able to implement with proper research design?


Research Design

Are there any considerations on the research philosophy, approach, methods?

Is the design used appropriately to answer the research question?

Is the sample size sufficient enough to provide a valid and reliable result?

Is the sample similar to the members of the overall appropriate population?

Are there any clear and appropriate criteria for choosing and screening out the people or units from the sample?

Does the research design try to control any risks that may affect the validity and reliability of the design?

Are there any suggestions on data analysis?

Are proper ethical considerations stated?


Data collection

Are the ways for collecting data described sufficiently?

Does the research instrument fully reflect variables and concepts from the literature review and theoretical framework?

Are data collection methods used appropriate?


Data Analysis and Discussion

Is there any procedure in analyzing the collected data?

Are there comparisons between different data sources?

Are there comparisons between data sources and the literature?

Are the procedures being used appropriately to provide answers for the research questions?

Does the discussion provide implications to real life practices?



Are there summaries for the work being done in the Project?

Are limitations of the research project stated?

Are there any suggestions to the future research opportunities?

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