Stock market returns and sports events Essay

By March 23, 2019 Academic Papers
Assignment Type
Course Name
Financial Markets
Assignment Subject
Stock market returns and sports events
Specific Topic Description
Read 2 articles relating stock market returns and the Super Bowl in the US and the FIFA soccer World Cup. Write a short essay.
Special Instructions
The links of the articles are as followed:
The essay should include the following:
1) A summary of the effects described in the articles
2) Your thoughts on whether or not we should believe these results as useful predictors
3) Your thoughts on the similarities or differences between these effects
– Make sure that you express your thoughts clearly and effectively.
In-text citation is required, even for the two short articles, when you directly quote and/or paraphrasing the ideas from them.Reference list (bibliography) is ONLY required if you are using resources in addition to the two short articles provided in the assignment. Please be advised that additional/external resources are NOT required for this assignment (this is optional).