Sustainable Building Metrics ARCH-763 Spring 2018 Assignments

By April 20, 2018Academic Papers

Sustainable Building Metrics ARCH-763 Spring 2018

Assignment #2 Building Rating Systems
Due Saturday April 26, 2018 6:00pm via Dropbox in MyCourses

There is a proliferation of building rating systems as we discussed in Lectures 2 and 3. A vast majority of these systems are aimed at being specialized to their geographic area but are frequently based on the popular programs LEED and BREEAM. As such, there is often criticism that such new programs do not take the opportunity to differ from LEED/BREEAM in responding to the unique climate, environment, social, economic, cultural, and historical perspectives of the locations in which they focus. The aim of this assignment is to think on how that could be improved.

Choose one international rating system (LEED, BREEAM, CASBEE etc) that was discussed in lecture and compare it to a specific Middle Eastern rating system (Pearl, Al Safat, Green Pyramid, ARZ, Edama, Qatar Sustainability Assessment System, etc.). In a brief essay, comment on the ways in which they differ (for example, the credit categories, the weightings on impacts, the key focus goals, etc.). In terms of missing the opportunity to really address specific geographic challenges, pick one perspective (climate, environment, social, economic, cultural, and historical) and make some suggestions for how the guideline could more directly address challenges in creating sustainable buildings in Dubai and the UAE more broadly.



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