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Mobile Salon Express   Name: Institution: Mobile Salon Express Section D The hair care industry is heavily dependent on consumer choices and demands. The consumers are, therefore, very powerful in the market. ¬†They drive demand for the services in various ways. Firstly, they provide the demand for new innovations. In the United States, consumers usually switch the styling of their hair depending on the current trends. Hair care providers need to understand such consumer demand, before offering their services. Consumers require hair professionals to look after their hair after defined periods. For instance, some consumers require their hair to be…

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Assessment 1: Individual Case Study   Name:   Course: Instructor: Date: Individual Case Study Question 1 Staffs are needed for the successful operation of any organization. However, the effects of supply and demand have an effect on the relationship between employer and employees. The demand and supply of general practitioners (GPs) and registered nurses (RNs) therefore has an effect on how Regional Care (RC) will relate to its staffs. The supply of GPs is constrained within the labor market within which RC operates. There is greater demand for such staffs than there are within the market. This may demand that…

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