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Sociology Paper   Name: Institution:   Sociology Paper The hiring process is an important aspect of business operations. It allows businesses to acquire talent that is necessary for meeting objectives. Human resource managers are, therefore, placed with a huge responsibility in making sure that business objectives are met (Bell, 2011). The company’s fiber optics division currently has the sales manager position vacant. This essay seeks to explain the chosen applicant, and the reasons behind their approval. The sales manager’s job is characterized by many responsibilities. However, the most important relates to coordinating sales of fiber optic products to wireless manufacturers…

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Popular Culture   Name: Institution: Popular Culture Popular culture refers to thoughts and perspectives that are positioned in the mainstream of a particular society. It is heavily influenced by dominant ideas of the age, which are transmitted through the mass media. Popular culture is an integral part of everyday life in many societies, especially those influenced by the West. Many individuals, especially those with conservative leanings, see it as a superficial representation of society. The circulation of popular culture has had profound effects in various societies. Most importantly, it has slowly eroded the traditional culture of some societies. Traditional views…

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