The impact of digital technology on business activity Essay

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An overview of the topic
The impact of digital technology on business activity. Digital technology has revolutionized the way we conduct business. Over the last decade it has dramatically changed traditional business models and transformed business activities. The use of digital mobile technology has provided businesses with a wealth of choice and opportunity. This has enabled existing products to become more profitable and innovative new products to be developed, leading to increasingly diverse product portfolios. Its impact is evident at the core of all key business systems:

(PLEASE follow the exact questions below)
Question1. Undertake a literature review which explore the input on the four core business processes (Administration, communication, storage and production) on
businesses.more explanation below :
1.1 Administration :cloud technology enables effective filing, storage and sharing of
information ( CHOOSE A BUSINESS)
1.2 Communication: social media and mobile technology allows businesses to connect, communicate, collaborate and build
relationships on a global scale( CHOOSE A BUSINESS).
1.3 Storage and Distribution: `The Internet of Things’ is connecting and integrating systems throughout business structures.
1.4 Production: Artificial intelligence and big data analytics are driving Innovation and
product growth.

Question 2. After your literature review you will have found a well focus Research Objectives. That is your hypothesis which will be conducted in your research project.

Question 3.explain in detail the reasons why your sources are important in your research project. Examine the types of primary and secondary data and explain the reasons
why primary data will help? Which method is more appropriate for examining your research method? Differentiate between primary and secondary research. see below Method 1 Why that link has been appropriate for your research project.

Method 2 What is the purpose of using this method?
Method 3 How to conduct both secondary and primary research which can help your research project. 

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