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In the first section I need you to state your own beliefs and knowledge of the institution you chose. What do you know about this institution and what are the advantages and disadvantages? (10 points) Do you believe it is fit for purpose or should it be reformed? (10 points). You should do this section before you research relevant articles on your topic.

2.) The next section requires you to explain what new information you acquired during your research and how it challenged your beliefs from section 1. Introduce the new information you have gleaned and tell me how it has changed your views on what makes an institution effective, democratic, or even workable? (20 points) Has it solidified or challenged your previous views and would you recommend changing America’s existing institution in some way (if so how, if not, why not)? (20 points)
3.)Propose a hypothesis to empirically test your existing knowledge with your new research. (10 points) Perhaps, for example, you now believe that party systems with multiple parties would lead to more consensus politics. How would you test your hypothesis? (5 points) What comparative method would you choose to test your hypothesis? (5 points) What do you think the results would show? (5 points)

The paper should be 1750 to 2000 words long. (15 points) 

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