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The instructions below are exact from the Professor. All images referenced I will attach or can be found online. The assignment is multiple parts each with a different length requirement.
Your final assignment for this class will be a three part writing assignment.
Part One: Create an essay that could accompany the two early tibetan paintings in the Cleveland Museum of Art- Thangka of Green Tara (1970.156) and Seated Vairochana (1989.104) both available online (, Your essay should read like the wall plaque a curator would use in a museum to introduce and summarize or give context to both works. It should be no longer than a page, about three paragraphs.
Part Two: You will write two essays for this portion, both should be at least a page to two pages, not more than two pages. First– write an essay that explores the creation of “portraits” in Tibetan art by contrasting the early images of Tashipel with two of Buton (1290-1364): earlier late 14th century, later late17th century. (I will attach images) Remember the concepts of lineage and patronage as well as merit (visual works give merit–thats the core idea of our class). You should not have to use many outside sources just focus on the themes we have discussed as stated above but if you feel the need to find outside work by all means.
Second- Write an essay about the various ways in which the monastery of Shalu and what we know about the activity there (artistic etc) are particualry important s discussed by Amy Heller. (I will attach the chapters).
Part Three: Use the Hopkins and Harris articles provide some examples/perspectives in a discussion of what you feel are some significant difficulties ins tidying PARTICULAR examples of Tibetan art. OR (do not do both) Discuss the significance of the Hopkins OR Harris article for understanding the complexity of Tibetan art. About a page for either one.
Harris, “The Buddha Goes Global: Some Thoughts Towards a Transnational Art” Art History 29 (2006) p. 698-720
Jeffrey Hopkins “Tantric Buddhism, Degeneration or Enhancement: the Viewpoint of a Tibetan Tradition” Buddhist-Christian Studies 10 (1990) p,. 87-96


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