Winterson Why be happy when you could be normal Reading Assignment

By March 30, 2019Academic Papers

Growing up even in the best circumstances is hard, and Winterson had her share of challenges. About her young adult years, she writes, I was confused about sex and sexuality, and upset about the straightforward practical problems of where to live, what to eat, and how to do my A levels(Winterson 39). Writing in that same section a bout a passage from Murder in the CathedralBy TS Eliot (This one moment,/but know that another/shall pierce you with a sudden painful joy(30)), she reflects that, The unfamiliar and beautiful play made things bearable that day, and the things it made bearable were another failed family the first one was not my fault but all adopted children blame themselves. The second failure was not my faultI had no one to help me but the TS Eliot helped meA tough life needs a tough language powerful enough o say hot it is. It isnt a hiding place. It is a finding place(Winterson 39-40). For this essay, discuss how you see Wintersons passion for literature as a finding place. How does her affinity for literature serve and/or save her? What is the role of it throughout her life? Use textual evidence.

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